What's different about our pit balls?

J-Kidz Joyful Balls is our own in-house brand of pit balls.

As we know that young kids tend to put things to their mouth, we ensure that our balls are certified to be non toxic and safe. It's certified to pass the CE and EN71 requirements and do not consist lead, phathalates or BPA.

What makes us different from others in the market?

Our play balls are approximately 7cm in size,


and each weighing about 7 grams, in comparison to similar size pit balls in the market which weigh around 4 grams on average.

Our pit balls are therefore thicker than most in the market. Being thicker makes it more durable as it's able to withstand weight and pressure better. Like all other similar plastic balls, our ocean balls will be depressed when pressure is exerted (for example, when the balls are being stepped on or jumped on or pressed on). However, our play balls will retain their former shape once the pressure are released. Most of our competitor's plastic balls may crack or break very easily when being stepped on.

If the pit ball remained depressed and failed to regain the shape, it means that the air has leaked out, and the ball should be discarded. This sort of wear & tear of the play ball is safer than when it cracks or breaks as that may injure anyone (regardless of child or adult) who may stepped on it accidentally or unknowingly.

For questions regarding the cleaning of the play balls, you can visit our FAQ.

And to find out how many colour plastic balls are required to fill up your own ball pit, please check out our Joyful Balls Calculator

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